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SekHost is a host based firewall and packet prioritization utility for Linux systems. The configuration is simple yet powerful functionality is available. Packet prioritization is very straightforward to configure, but can be turned off in the config file and should not be used in conjunction with any other traffic shaping on the host itself.

Version 1.3 The sample ulogd.conf modified for Etch and Lenny.

Download Sekhost 1.3 Debian Package

Version 1.2 includes a rewrite if the N[#], AI[#], AO[#], DI[#], and D0[#] processors to allow non contiguous rule sets.

Download Sekhost 1.2 Debian Package

Download Sekhost 1.2 Tar

Version 1.1 includes a new strict tcp flag checking option, which tests for various combinations of malformed tcp packets by a single yes/no option in the config file

Download Sekhost 1.1 Debian Package

Download Sekhost 1.1 Tar