Mikro-data is fluent in custom hosting. We understand that not every person or business needs or wants a plain wrapper “Plan A” or “Platinum” hosting package. Because we know each person and business is unique in what they wish to do and accomplish. Mikro-data extends your capabilities and goals by creating “Custom Tailored Hosting” plans that fit exactly what you need to do.

Whether you or your business requires simple web site hosting or full blown dedicated servers, Mikro-data can help you create the hosting service that *you* need. And, at prices that fit your budget! You won’t be guessing at what your hosting package is or whether or not a particular hosting package will do what you need it to do.

From request to fullfillment, Mikro-data will work with you to get where you need to go. We’re simply an email or phone call, 866-457-6287, away. And when you call, there’s no “Press 1″ menu. No sirree! We answer the phone. Calling Mikro-data is truly having your own personal “web hosting” admin at your command.

As if they were sitting right in your office. You’ll be talking with the same SysAdmins who create and build your server or services and manage as well as maintain the Mikro-data Data Center.
There’s a lot of debate about operating systems and which is best but the fact is, there is no single best hosting platform. No operating system can be all things to all people; each has a place and a job in which it excels.

We’re aware of that here at Mikro-Data and we are proud to be able to offer not just the availability of a wide range of OS/hosting platforms, but also the knowledge and experience to get the most out of each one.

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