redhat-logo-cloudRedHat Linux is justly famous for it’s exceptional reliability. It isn’t unusual to see a properly set up Linux box operate smoothly and continually for months at a time, without even needing a reboot.

Of course no one can guarantee that kind of durability, but if a steady, reliable service is what you’re looking for, RedHat Linux may be the hosting platform for you. If you’re considering a large project with many users or webpages, the new Linux RedHat Enterprise products are designed for just such applications.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

Open source platform for mission-critical computing…Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® servers handle millions of dollars in trades, purchases, and analysis every day. Surprised? Don’t be. With support for all major hardware platforms and thousands of commercial and custom applications, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the new standard for enterprise datacenters.

Built for the modern datacenter
Red Hat Enterprise Linux anticipates shifts in the IT landscape that blur the lines between physical, virtual, and cloud computing.

    It’s built for the modern datacenter environment, with:

  • Pervasive networking and virtualization.
  • Comprehensive security.
  • Advances in multicore hardware.

This means that Red Hat Enterprise Linux can help your organization flexibly and seamlessly transition to your next-generation datacenter model. The foundation of a long-term IT strategy Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server supports all leading hardware architectures with compatibility across releases and a 10-year update and support lifecycle.

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  • Benefits

  • Features

  • Efficiency, scalability, and reliability
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux:
    • Is optimized for highly scalable, multicored systems.
    • Manages underlying system complexity.
    • Reduces data bottlenecks.
    • Improves application performance.
    • Reduces your power consumption.
    • Ensures end-to-end data integrity.
    At Red Hat, we work closely with our hardware partners and industry standard groups to enable the latest hardware functionality as it becomes available.
  • Unprecedented resource management
  • Administrators and application developers can set policies by process, applications, and even guests to match network, memory, and CPU usage to business needs and service-level agreements.
  • Integral security
  • A complete security stack—from network firewall control to secure containers for application isolation—makes Red Hat Enterprise Linux one of the most certified operating systems available.As a host, a guest, or in the cloud, you can secure applications with a common and comprehensive suite of technologies and policies—all backed by Red Hat’s global Security Response Team.
  • Stable application development and production platform
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides:
    • Easy deployment of new applications.
    • A comprehensive application development portfolio that includes the LAMP stack and scripting languages such as PHP, the TurboGears2 framework, the Eclipse IDE, and debugging and tuning tools.
    • Support and maintenance for all packages shipped with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, whether cloud services, middleware, web applications, or enterprise applications.
    • Advanced caching technologies that let you scale as needed without adding complexity.
  • Integrated virtualization
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux is designed to be both a superior virtualization host and guest on any of the major hypervisors. With virtualization incorporated into the kernel, the complete breadth of system management, security tools, and certifications is available for your administrators to use.

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