something goes wrong with your web site, you want to know about it. How else can you get it fixed?

With Mikro-Data, 24/7 network monitoring keeps you informed about what’s going on. If any problems arise, you can be notified by both e-mail and paging by the very same system that Mikro-Data engineering staff uses for vital services.

It’s still your responsibility to contact Mikro-Data and inform us of a potential problem, but that’s easy with our full time, 24/7, personal service.

infrustructurepheader1Mikro-Data maintains a state of the art hosting facility, featuring the following:

  • Multiple OC3 connections, fully load balanced for reliability and speed.
  • Reliable Enterprise class Cisco switches and routing equipment.
  • A natural gas powered generator capable of powering the facility indefinitely and UPS backups to supply uninterrupted power. This system is tested monthly (in such a way that power is not interrupted) to ensure reliability.
  • Two separate, fully redundant HVAC systems for server areas.
  • A halon based automatic fire control system.
  • A physically secure building with motion detector alarm systems.

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