servicelevel600 Mikro-Data is so certain of the reliability and stability of our service that we feel completely secure in offering our customers this exceptional Service Level Agreement. We stand behind what we do and if a problem is our fault, we will make it right.

Mikro-Data guarantees its network will be available 99% of the time. Any loss of network service affecting and reported by any customer will allow a 5% reduction of monthly fees for each 30 minutes of down time, up to 100% of the customer’s total billing for the month.

We also guarantee 99% availability of our infrastructure, with the same 5% fee reduction of monthly fees for each 30 minutes of downtime, up to 100% for the month.

The following items are excluded from this SLA:
• Scheduled and emergency maintenance and upgrades.
• DNS issues that are outside Mikro-Data’s control, such as propagation times.
• Software failure or improper configuration on dedicated servers.
• Service outages (i.e. backbone connectivity for instance) outside Mikro-Data’s control.
• Client side problems that hinder access to your server.

In order to receive fee relief under this SLA, the following requirements apply:
• An “outage” is considered to have begun when the customer notifies Mikro-Data of the problem and it is entered in the Mikro-Data trouble ticket system.
• The SLA applies only to those customers whose accounts are in good standing.
• The outage must exceed 1% of total uptime for the month (as 99% is the guaranteed level) for the month.

Credit Request and Payment Procedures
In order to receive credit, the customer must make a request by sending an e-mail . Each request must include the customer’s domain name, the date and time of the incident, and must be received by Mikro-Data within ten (10) business days of the incident. If the outage is confirmed by Mikro-Data, credit will be applied to the next billing cycle after receipt of the credit request.

The total credit awarded shall not exceed the total amount billed to the customer in the month in which the outage occurred.

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