guru Remember the last time you called someone other than Mikro-Data for technical support? Did you have to listen to a recorded menu? You probably did. Did you like it? Probably not. Who does?

That’s not something that happens with us. Any time you call Mikro-data you talk to a person; either one who can immediately begin working on your problem or answering your question, or who will promptly get you in touch with someone who can. No recordings or automated menus, ever.

That’s not all that Mikro-Data’s commitment to personal service gives you. Those people that are answering the phones? They’re the sysadmins that are going to fix your problem, and they’re going to stay with it till the problem is fixed. That’s what we mean by personal service.

coverage There are three basic support levels, corresponding to the three basic types of hosting service we provide. All dedicated hosting, shared hosting and co-location customers get the same support service, as detailed below.

Dedicated hosting customers receive initial setup of their systems as part of the basic service. Mikro-Data ensures that the hardware functions properly, also as part of the basic service, and connectivity is of course assured. Dedicated customers also receive a set amount of hourly support per month, based on the level of service chosen.

Shared hosting customers receive support of the hosted hardware, but are responsible for their own software and the contents of their webpages.

Co-location customers are responsible for their own maintenance, both of hardware and software.

All our customers can avail themselves of our experienced staff at reasonable hourly rates. See our description of hourly service and our pricing pages for information on hourly service costs.

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Control Panels

Mikrotec has several Control Panel options to offer it’s customers. The most basic is that ispCP, an open source, widely used control panel, is provided free with every account using a Unix/Linux platform.

ispCP allows remote administrators to add or remove whole site, manage user accounts, and mail accounts. It even allows users to modify their own passwords and mail settings.

For other customers, we can upon request install Cpanel, or Plesk. These are commercially available control panels. Unfortunately, since they are commercial programs, not open source, the customer must pay a licensing fee to the software vendor. The software vendor would also be responsible for support of their product in that case.

To download our WebCP Debian package(does not work on Debian Squeeze and later), click here.

Backup Services

Mikro-Data provides certain backup services as part of the basic service. We will change backup tapes as part of basic service. Data can be sent to NAS at the current sight without incurring any additional costs. We can, of course, provide more extensive back up services of any kind desired at our regular hourly support rates.

Hourly Support

In addition to the support service provided with each hosting plan, Mikro-Data also provides technical support and service at reasonable hourly rates.

Any problem, no matter how complicated, can be addressed effectively by Mikro-Data staff for the same rate. From an OS reinstall to trouble shooting the most abstruse and confusing problem, Mikro-Data has the know-how to make the difficulties disappear.

Please see our pricing pages for information on hourly service costs.

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