securityoverWith the rate at which the gap between the virtual/internet world and the real world is narrowing, we find ourselves falling victim to a new kind of crime. Cybercrime takes many shapes and has many faces. Whether it is the spreading of viruses, online eavesdropping, denial of service attacks, or theft of data through unauthorized access to your computer systems private networks are under attack. It’s real and it’s happening to someone even as your read this.

In your home or your office, do you have locks on your doors? Do you have security systems installed? Do you have fences and locked doors or some combination of them? Of course you do. Why? Because it’s yours and you want to keep it that way. The security of your sensitive data and systems is just as important as the physical sercurity of your premises. Sometimes, it’s even more important. Let the qualified team of professionals at Mikro-Data show you how your network can be at least as secure as your building. Actually, it will probably be more secure. Mikro-Data has good locks.


Do you remember how good it felt as a kid to wrap up in your favorite blanket? You just knew that you were safe and that nothing could get you. You can feel that again with Mikro-Data’s Security Blanket.

Economically bundling all of Mikro-Data’s security services in one convenient package, the Security Blanket is the best way to ensure the safety of your valuable data. From beginning to end and top to bottom, this is as good as it gets.

You’ll be able to sleep easily at night knowing that you’re safely wrapped up in Mikro-Data’s Security Blanket.

firewallserviceheader1Mikro-Data is proud to offer the MisFire firewalling system. It was designed by our own skilled development staff and offers many unique features.

Since it was developed right here, we know exactly what it does and how it works. that means that we can customize it’s functionality to exactly suit our customer’s individual needs.

It is able to filter across VLAN’s. This is important because each of Mikro-Data’s customers is placed on their own private segment. The excellent protection it provides is available to any customer, even those with only one system or co-location.

MisFire is also highly customizable. It doesn’t filter by port, as many firewalls do, rather it can filter on any component of IPV4, by packet source, destination or type.

We believe that MisFire provides the best in customizable security, whether to our customers at our site or installed anywhere as part of Mikro-Data’s security service offering.

hostbasedfirewallheader1Even the most robust security system isn’t perfect. Defensive measures, in any context, are by their nature reactive.

No defense is perfect and something that no one ever thought of before can make you vulnerable. The good news is that there are ways to limit your vulnerability even if the unexpected occurs.

Host based firewalling is a security measure wherein each system within your network is provided with firewalling in addition to other security measures.

The benefit this provides is that if an intrusion does occur on one of your systems, the others are protected, thereby limiting the potential damage.

While it may seem that by providing something like host based firewalling we’re expressing a lack of confidence in our own service, but this is hardly the case. It is an industry standard practice and just part of the complete security service available with Mikro-Data.


Mikro-Data provides the latest in data security techniques, custom tailored to the needs of each client, but there is no such thing as perfect security. Intrusions can happen on any system.

In light of this fact, Mikro-Data must remind it’s customers that while we take all due care in provisioning requested security services, Mikro-Data makes no warranty against intrusion, compromise or other misuse of service.
Further, it is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of and comply with all laws and regulations which may apply to your use of this service.

Dedicated Hosting

Mikro-Data is proud to offer quality Dell and Cybertron servers with our dedicated hosting packages.


With the rate at which the gap between the internet world and the real world is narrowing, virtual crime is a reality.


All dedicated hosting, shared hosting and co-location customers get the same support service.


Shared hosting is the fast, easy, way to launch your online presence without the need to buy your own equipment.

Fit Your Budget

Mikro-data can help you create the hosting service that *you* need. And, at prices that fit your budget!


When something goes wrong with your web site, you want to know about it. How else can you get it fixed?

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